Style Tips: Knits

Knits are dominating high-fashion circles this winter. From Stella McCartney’s knitted suits and dresses to Dries Van Noten’s sweaters for men and even a cable knit tunic from Prada, knits have established themselves as apparel essentials in a considerable variety of styles.

“People want to live in knit garments,” says Brad Winter, corporate sales manager at Ouray Sportswear. “By nature, knits are soft and supple, so they’re comfortable and can be worn next to the skin.” Winter also describes knitwear as being a great asset to the promotional industry, as it’s appropriate for both small-scale and large-scale events. “Knitwear runs the spectrum with regard to price points, and it decorates well, offering tremendous brand exposure,” he says. “By virtue of these traits, knit apparel proves to be an excellent choice for a promotional campaign.”

Kimberly Lutz, owner of LutzCo Inc., also commends knits for their branding potential and affordability. “Knits can be easily decorated for any kind of advertising or promotional campaign,” she says. “Knit shirts and hats, for example, are inexpensive and easy to embroider with a logo.” She suggests several markets to consider for possible clients, including construction and government recommends warehouse clientele as well.

Winter mentions a wide range of industries that knitwear apparel can be effectively applied to. “Industries whose employees are performing physical work, whether indoors or outdoors, would do well to consider knit apparel,” he says. He explains that knitwear products are ideal for such employees due to their flexibility and warmth. “From a garment productivity standpoint, knits offer the comfort and freedom of movement necessary to perform in a physically-demanding environment.”