Every Business Card Deserves A Stylish Home

There’s no such thing as a generic business card case anymore. The promotional market offers numerous chic and sleek designs that guarantee end-users will not just eagerly use their card case of choice, but enthusiastically display it as well. The style options are end- less, from metal to plastic to leather, embellished with a logo or bran- dishing a little glitz with a subtle rhinestone design.

“Nearly every businessperson requires a business card case to house their most precious commodity – a contact card,” says Phil Kahan, CEO of Andrew Philips/Millennium Leather. “When you are engaged with another business person and you need to reach for a business card, how do you wish to represent yourself? A well-made leather card case exemplifies quality. It is part of the picture an individual creates of himself or herself.”

Andrew Boss, national sales manager for A T Cross Company, agrees. “It is nearly impossible to attend a meeting, event or trade show without someone requesting a business card from you,” he says. “Much like a fine writing instrument, a business card case will be used on a regular basis and, unless of shoddy quality, will last for years. It benefits not only the recipient, but the gift-giver’s brand for years to come, long after the event it was given for.”

Kahan also emphasizes the longevity factor associated with card cases and how valuable this factor is in regard to company and brand promotion. “Advertising is a method of continually reinforcing brand awareness,” he says. “A leather card case has enduring value because it lasts, it’s prestigious, and it’s a statement of style, organization and success.”