Vivid And Saucy Hue: Orange

Vivid, saucy and ripe with possibility, orange adds a touch of vibrancy to winter’s neutrals and dark hues. A color that can’t fail to be noticed, whether up close or at a distance, orange is tailor made for the promotional arena and is one of this season’s hottest apparel shades. Take your pick between the latest fashions from Carolina Herrera, Mulberry or Prada – all three designers are showcasing tangerine themed products ranging from coats to handbags to hats.

Jessica Strain, sales and marketing coordinator for Dri Duck Traders Inc., recommends this color for its ability to infuse promotional attire with a certain warmth and zest. “Orange is definitely on trend for the season, so any company that considers itself fashion-forward should add this hue to its next promotion,” she says. “It’s great to use in a promotional campaign because it adds a pop of color to any industry that typically uses a lot of black and gray.” Strain mentions several markets in which orange has an established presence. “Orange is popular in the education industry and appeals to all levels, from elementary to collegiate markets,” she notes. “Other shades, such as ‘safety’ and ‘blaze’ orange, appeal to the construction and hunting industries, where they are used as part of daily uniforms for safety purposes.”

 Juanne Kochhar, vice president of Ashlin BPG Marketing is also a fan of orange for its association with vitality and action. “Orange is an excellent color,” she says. “It’s perceived as a high-energy color and is thus linked with high-energy promotions.” Kochhar adds that the hue is symbolic of movement as well as youth. She mentions the sports, food and beverage and health industries as being regular users of this color, and also suggests colleges/universities and companies involved in communications as ideal potential candidates to pitch it to.