Hot Hue: A Rose rose is a rose is a rose...Except

when it comes to apparel. This summer, rose – a smartly updated pink – is a top seller in both retail and wholesale markets. It’s presently being showcased by the likes of DKNY, Silvian Imberg and H&M via solids, prints and textured fabrics. Deftly managing to be both daring and sweet, rose makes a definite fashion statement. It is available in dark, bright hues like magenta as well as light shades such as baby pink.

Wendy Fraser, communications manager for Ash City USA says, "Rose is a notably unique new color that is applicable to promotional apparel programs. In today’s promotional corporate apparel industry, personalization is key,” she says. “People want to be able to select colors that suit them.” Along with other apparel colors that have recently been revamped, rose offers uniform program more options. Unique colors like rose stand out as individual statements that would meet the new buying trend.”

Also consider rose as an alternative to neutrals such as beige and white. “It’s a great color because it adds a pop of color to an industry filled with neutral hues,” says Jessica Strain, sales and marketing coordinator for Dri Duck Traders Inc. She notes rose’s international success as the official hue of the breast cancer awareness movement. “Today’s immediate association of rose with this movement,” she says, “shows just how successful this campaign has become.” Adds Fraser: “Those who sponsor health related causes, such as breast cancer, could easily implement this color into their programs as an update of the previous year’s color selection.” Finally, Fraser commends rose for its enduring, stately corporate presence. “Rose has always been visible in the office,” she says. “The trendier smoky roses are appropriate for both office and outdoor attire where more individuality is possible.”