Hot Promotional Products Trend - Backpacks

Backpacks have become so fashion-forward it’s no wonder they’re on the A-list of this year’s top promotional accessories. Convenient, trendy and available in countless designs and colors, backpacks are the new go-to items for companies looking to invest in accessories that advertise their businesses. Backpacks are applicable because they’re products people will employ on a regular basis. Items that people get more usage out of tend to be more popular because people can use them at home and at work.  Many designs are now laptop-friendly while allowing a range of personal items to be carried and offering ergonomic benefits.

Backpacks are rather popular within the travel industry, offering a superbly affordable and convenient way to transport one’s personal items and keep them close by. In addition, backpacks are choice promotional products for schools and universities as well as the recreational industry. Since most backpacks are unisex, it’s an easy product to give to employees as a giveaway or an incentive award. We recommend going with a name brand, high-quality product to ensure consistent use and optimal logo visibility.