Spring Fashion Preview: Can You Say Pajama Chic?


Trends are worth getting excited about, but they are not the only things worthy of your attention. Spring brings hundreds of new products that suppliers have unveiled for 2012. We scoured trade show floors and here are some of the new apparel trends worth salivating over.

Why They’re In: We’ve documented how loungewear has slowly morphed into everyday wear. Now, publications like Lucky are hailing the pajama-chic trend: flowy, sumptuous outfits that blur the lines between at home and on the go. (It’s so popular that one Louisiana town has sought a ban on pajamas in public.) But the trend has hit home as well, where people once again are choosing to wear traditional pajamas. No matter where you go, it seems, the pajama trend is comfortably settling in.

Why They’re In: We’ll just quote GQ on this one: “If we learned one thing in Paris and Milan, it’s this: We all will be wearing yellow next summer. Call it mustard. Call it saffron. Just get a tan first.” Orange may be leading the bright trend, but yellow isn’t far behind. And the range of yellow shades proves that they’re not all blindingly bright. A subtle mustard or honey proves that yellow has some surprisingly mature depths. 

Trend…Zig Zags
Why They’re In: Stripes are ubiquitous and always trendy, but designers have shown a relentless desire to experiment with pattern. Thus, the zigzag resurgence. And you can take your pick: single zags that are large and bold or smaller repeating designs that have a surprisingly fluid grace. Either way, it’s a smart evolution of the traditional stripe pattern. Plus, the put-upon Charlie Brown finally gets his due.

Trends…Neon Bags
Why They’re In: Did we mention pop of color? Nowhere is that more embodied than in the neon accessory trend. It represents the continued distillation of the bright trend, filtering down into everyday accessories like tote bags, backpacks, iPhone holders and more. Look for day-glo greens, high-voltage pinks and all sorts of other electric colors.