If you’re looking for a promotion that is simultaneously cost efficient AND effective, consider promotional drink-ware. Travel mugs, coffee cups, and drinking glasses make excellent marketing mediums and can fit into most any budget.

Don’t believe me? Just consider a few of the benefits you and your clients will get from a branded mug or cup:

If you’re like me, you probably never throw away mugs or drinking glasses. In fact, I take my mug with me everywhere: to sporting events, on camping trips, to the office, and on everyday errands. The extra mugs I don’t use? I set on my desk and fill them with pens. Either way, I’m interacting with the product and exposing myself to the logo plastered on the side. When you give a coffee mug as a promotion, you’re giving a practical gift that will get a lot of use and give off a lot of brand exposure.

Residual impressions
Like I just mentioned, I bring my mug with me everywhere. Every time a Barista fills it with coffee or a friend sees me with it, I’m marketing for the logo on the side. Your drink-ware promotion doesn’t just make an impression on the person you give it to, it impacts each person they interact with as well. 

Who doesn’t need a coffee mug? When you give away drink-ware, you can bet that your clients will use it.

When you give a travel mug, you’re contributing to a better environment. You’re providing your customers with an alternative to a paper or plastic cup that will end up in the landfill. If you’d like, you can go the extra step and purchase travel mugs and glasses that are made in an eco-friendly manner. In addition to helping mother nature, you’ll also help your clients save some pennies: when they use their own mug, coffee shops will usually offer a discount.

Drink-ware comes in virtually every size, shape, type, and color you can imagine. Even better? You can find solutions to meet just about any budget. With mugs, cups, and glasses you can customize to fit your branding and company style.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a way to connect with customers on a daily basis, there’s no better gift than a mug or glass with your name on it. You’ll make an impression, and give your customers a means to enjoy their coffee (or beverage of choice). Bottoms up!