Style Tips That Are Sure To Suit You

One of the hottest styles to hit the autumn runways is dark and light combo suiting for both men and women. A refreshing and inventive twist on the traditional monochromatic jacket and trousers ensemble, this updated rendition plays with neutrals on opposite ends of the color spectrum, offering corporate apparel an elegant alternative to conventional dress.

“Today’s sophisticated look of styling a black or a navy top and a white or cream bottom is a classy alternative to traditional suiting,” says Taraynn Lloyd of Edwards Garment Co., “It’s a fun look that’s dramatic and makes a statement of confidence.” Lloyd offers another excellent color combo of this suiting style: “Pair a black suit coat with a white or cream sweater shell or blouse to match the skirt or pant, and use the bold black suit coat to give the look cohesion.”

Bayo Simmonds, president of Assertive Creativity LLC lauds black and white suiting in particular for its ability to rely upon neutrals as a color foundation. “Black and white are colors you can always depend on,” he says, “because they act as a base from which all other colors are derived.” When combined, particularly in suiting, they have a powerful impact. “They make a significant fashion state- ment without requiring much effort,” he says. A Brooklyn native, Simmonds points out that the Brooklyn Nets recently adopted this color combo as its brand identity: “This makes it easy for fans like me to integrate their new team clothing in an everyday wardrobe.”

Simmonds suggests catering companies, restaurants and the wedding industry as businesses that are a great match for this suiting trend; Lloyd also mentions hotels and education and office environments as well as any industry wanting to make a statement.