Promotional Style Tips: Solids

With the recent fervor over patterns and prints, one might wonder where the simple solid colors have gone. This winter, they’re as plentiful as their visually busy counterparts. One only has to look as far as the Spring 2012 fashion designs by Ralph Lauren, Ruffian and Steven Alan to see that solids can be counted as a hot new “pattern.” “Solid-color apparel is timeless when it comes to corporate or logo apparel,” says Taraynn Lloyd, director of marketing at Edwards Garment Co. “A solid-color skirt in black or navy gives the wearer versatility when it comes to selecting the right blouse, shirt or even sweater set.” Lloyd adds that accessories work wonderfully with solids, and items like scarves and oversized bracelets will attract attention.

Lloyd suggests that any business able to invest in an updated and revamped image-apparel program would do well to consider solid colors, which are staples of many corporate uniforms, particularly those of the hospitality, health-care and food industries. “These organizations select garments that enhance their brand and build their image by using logo embroidery as an embellishment,” she explains. Lloyd says there’s also a practicality factor at work: “Employers are looking for these garments to be easy to care for and last for at least a year. Solid-color garments provide these employers with classic styles and the versatility they need.” Color choice is paramount when it comes to solids. “Clients often select colors primarily based on those that accentuate their logo,” says Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes. “Other times, clients select particular colors either to stand out from the crowd – such as bold, vibrant, can’t-miss-me colors – or because certain hues convey certain messages.” She states that the best way to guide clients toward the right color combo is to be attentive to the nature of that message: “Probing clients to uncover their goals in choosing specific colors will help them decide on the perfect shades.”