Cool Promotional Accessory: Laptop Bags

School is back in session – the ideal time to consider implementing laptop cases and bags into your promotional and event planning. Stylish, practical and universal, laptop cases and bags are found in countless styles, colors, designs and fabrics. Modeled after the timeless messenger bag (which was designed in the 1950s specifically for telephone linemen to carry necessary tools to high heights), these bags not only protect a computer, but they are roomy enough to accommodate accessories such as mice, adapters and even paperwork. Plus, they often look stylish enough to transcend being simply a laptop bag.  Laptop cases and bags are ideal promotional products to offer clients,” says Matthew Olivolo, director of public relations for Mobile Edge & Sumo.  One reason is because laptops are becoming increasingly prevalent in the corporate arena. “Both large and small businesses are replacing their desktops with laptops,” he states, which is a result of “more and more employees needing to be mobile.” Because companies are using laptops as their primary computers, Olivolo says, “laptop cases are very applicable and a great ‘alternative’ product in the promotional market.” Olivolo makes note of laptop cases and bags as effective marketing tools because they can be easily decorated with company logos as well as slogans and images. They also make an excellent product choice because “all industries need and use computers to perform and run their businesses,” he says. Corporations, school spirit stores, tourist gift shops, car dealerships and sports clubs should consider adding to laptop bags to their promotional marketing plan.