Promotional Trend Alert: Denim Jackets

The popularity of the denim jacket has increased significantly over the past few years as denim products are made more available to a wider demographic. Whether your organization prefers cropped or draped, dark or light, zip or button front, there's a denim jacket that meets his or her style preferences.

"The denim jacket is a staple fall item for both men and women," says Lauren Cocco, merchandise manager at Vantage Apparel.  A top reason is its versatility in a range of areas. With the changing weather, a denim jacket can be worn indoors or outdoors, both complementing a casual outfit and adding an extra layer of warmth in mildly cool weather. Another asset is its appeal to both genders and all ages; kids, seniors and everyone in between can appreciate this jacket style, which is comfortably lightweight and easily matched with a variety of colors.

A third point is the fact that it's ideal for promotional apparel. Cocco says that due to denim's natural strength as well as the tendency to view denim blue as a neutral, it "supports embroidered logos with high stitch counts, multiple appliqué layers, patches and laser etching." Some of the most effective logo colors to consider pairing with denim are primaries red and yellow and the neutral white.

Finally, Cocco reminds us that there is more than one way to don a denim jacket. "To give it a trendy look," she suggests, "roll the sleeves and pop the collar."