Lavender, Sweet Lavender


Pastels have become hot property this summer, and they’re forecast to star in retail and wholesale markets this fall as well. Lavender in particular has remained one of the most popular pastels; autumn designs by Alberta Ferretti and Narciso Rodriguez show- cased this shade during this past winter’s New York Fashion Week. Displaying the majestic properties of violet but with a more delicate subtlety, lavender is so versatile that it can be donned by both men and women and applied to office and corporate casual settings.

Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing and communications for Bodek and Rhodes, commends lavender for its nobility. “This shade of purple suggests refinement as well as grace and elegance,” she says. Such qualities endow lavender with practical selling points, she claims, allowing it to be a strategic choice for “businesses who want to appeal to women.” Nichols adds that lavender has a calming quality, making it an ideal shade for promotional tools used by spas, personal care centers, hospitals, rehab facilities and more.

Lee Strom, senior marketing manager for SanMar, is also a lavender fan, particularly in terms of logos. He evaluates lavender’s emergence as a significant “pop color” – a bright hue that’s often paired with neutrals to create revamped color combinations. “For the most part,” Strom says, “wearers of these ‘pop’ colors are those who see their logo pairing well with the hue. And we find that certain colors, like lavender, offer a nice contrast when uniforming both genders.”