Seven Reasons To Use Promotional Products

Ok, so I’m probably not the best person to write this post: I like promotional products. Even worse? I sell promotional products. When it comes down to it, I’m quite biased.

But here’s the deal. I would use promotional products even if I wasn’t in the business of sell-ing them. Why? Because I know that when they’re used strategically, promotional gifts can win clients, increase brand awareness, and help grow your business.

Here are seven (good) reasons you should use promotional products: 

1. Burn your brand into your customers’ minds
Unlike newspaper ads or blog posts; promotional products stick around a while. You can make just about any product you buy in a store a promotion (everything from pens and mugs to large items like luggage). Many people will use your promotional products for daily tasks like writing notes, drinking coffee, or business travel. Each time your customer interacts with your gift, they’re reminded of your brand and are having an interaction with your business. Nice.

2. They’re cost effective
Promotional products, while an investment at the outset turn out to be great marketing tools. Based on the residual exposure, and the amount of contact consumers have with your brand, promotional products can me more cost effective than buying ad space.

3. Attract new clients
Promotional pieces can make the process of winning clients easier. Whether you leave simple items like pens, meetings, promotional pieces demonstrate your level of preparedness and professionalism. One lesson: be sure to put your contact information on your products! When I’m looking for a service provider, I always consult my refrigerator magnets before I jump on Google.

4. Employee incentives

To me, it’s common sense: happy employees are more productive. But, if you’re one of those sticklers for “proof” and “data” here you go: according to the Association for Psychological Science, “people in high well-being later earn higher incomes and perform better at work than people who report low well being.” You can see the full report here. But, evidence aside, presents just make people happy. You can use promotional products as awards for meeting goals, incentives for employee contests, or just simply a way to say thanks for doing a good job. Not only will your employees think you’re cool, they’ll be motivated to work harder, too.

5. Launch a new product
If you’re looking for a unique way to promote a new product or service, use a fun promotional piece. Travel agents might send a beach ball or towel to announce a new itinerary, a new grocery store could send out Eco friendly tote bags. Really, the possibilities here are only limited by your creativity. But, one thing is for sure: you’ll make an impression.

6. Client appreciation
Let your clients know that you appreciate them: send a gift. Virtually anything can be made into a promotional piece, so use your imagination. You could send personalized wine, golf tees, or travel games. The extra thought will show that you care and appreciate their loyalty.

7. Drive traffic
If you’re looking for a “real world” way to drive traffic to your website, promotional products could do the trick. Desk items,  mouse pads, note pads, pens, and paperweights are all convenient places to prominently display your web address. In addition, if you’re launching a new site, a promotional piece could be used to advertise your new online presence (for more ideas see point five).

When it comes down to it, the uses for promotional products are endless. But, when you do use them, you solidify your brand identity, market your business, and improve your client interactions.