Going Green With Accessories

One of the most effective ways to integrate accessories into a promotional plan is to go green – that is, to choose Eco-friendly products. Trendy and timely, green products stand out on their own due to the unique materials they’re made of. They also represent a company as environmentally conscious and productive when it comes to taking care of the planet.  According to Gemline, “The eco trend is here to stay."

Promotional options haven't always been an affordable one. Some companies just didn’t have the budget to spend on Eco-friendly products,”. But there’s good news: As the trend is expanding, its affordability is increasing. In the meantime, the ideal option is to advertise with Eco accessories via small items.

Popular accessory choices include bags (both handbags and grocery bags), products made of organic cotton and bamboo and items made with natural fibers. Such products are just as imprintable as regular products and often use Eco-friendly dyes, offering a variety of color possibilities unique from the usual dying process.

The market for green accessories is wide- spread and growing. A few specific businesses that should consider Eco frienldy products are concert promoters, health clubs, resorts and food stores. Industries that attract a young demographic as well as those invested in health maintenance and improvement.