Apparel Trend Alert: Coral

From the red carpet to the backyard patio, coral is king this spring and summer season – a perfect fit for beach buffs and fashionistas alike. Coral's summery color is appearing on everything from sandals and dresses to bags and home décor. The popularity of coral has grown recently because the aesthetic isn't so serious; it's a perfect alternative to metallic glitz yet still keeps an element of fun.

Eric Rubin, president of Blue Generation, is not ignorant to this trend. "We're seeing greater retail influence on work apparel, especially in ladies styling and coloring," says Rubin. "As a result, we've recently added coral to our color selection repertoire as well as aqua, mulberry and cactus."

In general, coral is surprisingly versatile. It can range from light and peachy to deep and vibrant, so find what works for your client. It can be as subtle or lively as you desire, since coral is increasingly popular in every texture, silhouette and hue variation you can imagine.

Coral can fit in with a brightly colored outfit, or it can be used as a statement piece to break up an outfit of neutrals. A coral skirt works well with a cream or beige top and cardigan, or a bold coral camisole fits fine with a neutral suit. It can be used as an accessory, such as a headscarf, belt or handbag. You can also find coral jewels in any number of shapes - from cabochon ring styles to beads on earrings and bangles. Although it conjures up images of the ocean, the orange and red tones make it a great, playful accessory option going into the fall season.