Even still, you might not have considered using rain gear as a company promotional product.  (Sometimes the best answers are right under your nose.) 

In Portland, it rains about 153 days each year. If you set-up your clients with an umbrella or poncho, there’s 153 opportunities they’ll don your apparel and have a positive impression of your business—you’re keeping them dry, after all. 

Even if you don’t live in Portland, rain gear is a practical and highly cost-efficient promotion for the following reasons:

1. Ponchos and umbrellas are highly visible. 
Ponchos are worn on the outside, and come in a variety of bright colors. Add your company logo and your customers will be walking billboards. If you choose an umbrella, your logo will be at least “a head” taller than everyone. Umbrellas stand above the crowd and are easy to spot at a distance.

3. Make a great impression.
With ponchos or umbrellas, you’re going beyond the norm as far as promotions go. You’re giving people something practical that they will need. When your clients are caught in a torrential downpour, they’ll be thanking you and your wonderful umbrella. You’re there for your customers in a pinch. Companies spend millions on marketing trying to convey this point; who would have thought an umbrella could do the job just as easily?

2. Rain gear is a good investment.
When’s the last time you threw away a poncho or umbrella? Probably never. If you’re like most people, you store these items in a convenient place (like the trunk of your car) for when you most need them. Unlike many promotions, rain gear will pay out as an investment for many years to come.

4. Residual exposure.
Whenever you stamp your logo or marketing message on a piece of clothing, you’re going to get more bang for your buck because of the people that will see your company. Bottom line? You’re not just making an impact on the person wearing your poncho, but on the many people seeing it, too. 

You might be asking yourself when to give away rain gear as a promotion. Although we think any time is a good time, when you have them handy in case of rain during these events you’ll be the hero:

• Outdoor festivals
• Concerts
• Sporting events

• Company picnics

Umbrellas and ponchos make ideal promotional pieces because they create positive impressions and foster a sense of good will between your company and your clients. If you’re looking to run a promotional campaign, consider rain gear: it’s practical and affordable option.