Choosing the Perfect Promotional Client Gift

Picking out a gift to give, as a client promotion, can be hard: there are thousands of options (do they really want an extra pen?). Not only do your clients have different likes and styles, you also have logistical matters to consider (pesky things like budgets and quantities).

The bottom line? You want your promotion to work. The following tips will help you pick the perfect promotional product for both your client and your business.

Consider the audience
Believe it or not, promotional products aren’t about your company. They’re about the reaction and experience your customers have when they receive your gift. If you want a successful promotional campaign, make sure your gift is appropriate to the audience. (For instance, if your target market is children or teenagers, giving beer can coolers is probably not the best idea. However, the same beer can cooler would be an awesome give-away if you had a booth at an outdoor concert series. Make sense?)

Before you decide on a promotional product, ask yourself the following questions:

• Who is my audience: what’s their age, geographic region, demographics, etc.

• What would this audience find valuable or interesting?

• Will they really keep and use this product?

When you spend some time figuring out who you’re trying to reach, you’re more likely to pick a gift that meets their needs.

Know your goals
What do you want your promotional piece to accomplish? Is it a reminder you’re around? An appreciation gift? A giveaway? When you know what you want your promotion to do, it’s easier to narrow down your options. For instance, wine glasses would make a perfect holiday gift or client appreciation promotion. But, unless you cater to the wine and restaurant industry, it probably wouldn’t be ideal in a trade show setting (so awkward to lug around). Once you know what you want your promotion to do, you can pick what’s appropriate for your goals.

Your timeline
It’s a no-brainer: you should always be prepared. But, alas “the best laid plans...” Here’s the deal: different promotional products require different amounts of time to personalize and create (some are just more difficult than others). So, if you haven’t planned ahead, your choice of promotional product is determined by the amount of time you have. In addition, check to see how long production time is on your product of choice. You might find out that those luggage cases you wanted won’t be ready in time. To avert this problem entirely, plan early and develop a plan B should your item be out of stock.

Your budget
Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but some promotions cost more than others. Consider the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your promotion, and then research options that fit into your price range.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions
If you don’t see a possible promotion in a catalog or on a vendors website, contact them directly. Most promotional companies have many contacts, ideas, and abilities that aren’t advertised in a catalog or online.

Promotions are a dime a dozen. However, the right promotion will be remembered, appreciated, and work for your business. With the suggestions above, you’re sure to pick the right promotional product every time. The result? Your customers will thank you and your business will benefit.