Going Outside? Don't Forget The Fleece.


It’s fall. The perfect time to head out doors and experience Mother Nature in all her glory. If you’re a business owner, you might think about outfitting your employees or clients with logo embroidered fleece jackets: they’re sure to be seen by many at orchards, high school football games, and other outdoor activities this season.

In addition to being a good promotional tool, fleece will help your employees or clients have fun outside. The key to enjoying typically cool fall weather (in addition to drinking some cider) is to dress appropriately. While there are many beautiful days, the fall climate can be slightly unpredictable. Fleece is highly versatile: the perfect clothing item for variable weather.

Fleece is a light weight and low-bulk material usually made with polyester. Besides being warm and comfy, we recommend wearing fleece for the following reasons:

• It wicks moisture (read: sweat) away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric. Here, the moisture will evaporate if it’s exposed to air, or transfer to an outer layer of clothing. This wicking property keeps you dry.

• Fleece creates an air barrier, keeping warm air trapped near your skin (and cold air out).

• Because Fleece is light weight, it’s a great layering piece (it’s not too bulky). In addition, if you’re hiking or being active, fleece won’t hinder your movements.

• Fleece is easy to clean, pill resistant, and extremely durable.

If you’re looking for a fall promotional gift, employee incentive, or just a new piece of clothing, consider fleece. Whether used as material in a jacket, sweatshirt, or hat fleece will keep your clients and employees warm, dry, and happy this fall.