Client Success Story: Beaverton Toyota

Not too long ago, Beaverton Toyota started an extensive branding and design project with SRM Architecture and Marketing, Inc. The goal was to overhaul their identity from the building’s design down to the signage for the drinking fountain.

At first, this might seem unrelated to our core service: logo apparel. However, if you’ve ever taken on a large re-brand like this (or are about to), you know that the way your staff looks becomes a very important piece of the marketing picture.

At ImageWear Solutions, this is our favorite type of challenge.

Beaverton Toyota has a lot of people working for them on the floor, in the office, and behind the scenes. Work apparel had to coordinate without being too matchy-matchy, had to appear approachable without being overly casual, and the pieces had to flatter both males and females of all shapes and sizes. Even more, these requirements had to be met while simultaneously matching the overall marketing vision set forth by SRM.

Our first step in coordinating a complete corporate uniform program is sitting down and discussing goals, vision, and requirements. During our initial meeting with Amanda Bagley of SRM, we went over various samples to nail down some style and color options based on some preliminary choices she was able to find on our online catalog. At this stage, it’s extremely important to know your apparel lines: all have different fits and sizing. After going through Amanda’s choices, ImageWear Solutions was able to direct SMR and Beaverton Toyota down the right clothing path.

There was just one problem: we were having a tough time finding the ideal women’s short sleeve piece. This is where product knowledge and experience as an apparel provider comes in handy. By making some phone calls and digging deeper into our source of vendors, we found the perfect short-sleeve shirts: a nice French twill 3/4-sleeve piece from Vantage Apparel. 

The core of the corporate apparel program at Beaverton Toyota consists of Red House dress shirts, Nike polos, and Port Authority sweaters and jackets.

And, although we might be a little biased, we have to say they look pretty sharp.

If your business is facing an apparel challenge, and you’re trying to find just the right fit, color, or need a comprehensive uniform program, all of us at ImageWear Solutions are ready to help. Please give us a call toll free at 1-877-293-4668 (locally at 503-804-8853)