Trend Alert: Pantone’s Color of the Year

The results are in: The Pantone Color Institute has officially named marsala its color of the year for 2015, predicting that this rich red-brown hue will continue to gain popularity in high-fashion collections and retail lines alike over the coming months. The trend has moved into the promotional market as well, where suppliers are taking advantage of marsala's popularity with deep red and red-brown hues in their apparel lines.

The design team at alphabroder saw the writing on the wall and jumped on the trend early, with maroon and burgundy inspired shades in their fall 2014 North End Sport Blue collection. “We'll see this color continue to uptrend across all product categories, specifically for fabrics that really bring out colors' depth," says Elson Yeung, alphabroder's director of private label design and merchandising. “We'll also be offering rust-colored apparel in our spring 2015 collection."

While the Pantone announcement indicates greater popularity in the near future for marsala, its related shades have already been selling well in the promotional sphere in recent years. Blue Generation, for example, has long offered burgundy for men and women, and it's currently one of the supplier's top 10 bestselling colors. “We offer twill and poplin wovens, polos and fleece hoodies in our deep, rich burgundy," says President Eric Rubin. “It's particularly popular in hospitality and restaurants because the dark color looks cleaner longer."

In addition, marsala is gaining momentum in active lifestyle brands, which often use nature-inspired tones in their garment offerings. “Marsala shades, for example, often turn up in Nevada's beautiful desert landscapes," says Yeung.



Long sleeve shirts: comfort and style

When choosing uniform pieces for employees, it’s important to keep the staff comfortable and looking good.

This unique, form-fitted long-sleeved women’s top (LB008) from Tri-Mountain is a keeper in both comfort and style, and would make an excellent uniform separate for the fall and winter season. 

It’s applicable to a wide range of occupational settings and lends itself perfectly to embroidery, digital printing or other means of decoration.


Hit the Slopes

Skiwear styled apparel was all the rage on the runways during Autumn 2014 Fashion Week, from Louis Vuitton’s men’s line-up (which combined raglan and color-blocking designs worn with shiny specs) to Tommy Hilfiger’s more traditional take featuring parkas paired with hiking boots and ski goggles.

Skiwear is perfect as resort wear”, says Heather Brunner Kelly, marketing manager for Charles River Apparel.  “At winter resorts and ski lodges especially, customers are always looking for outerwear and accessories.”  Vintage-style skiwear is very much in vogue, she says, as are bold colors like neons.  Also, “Crewneck sweaters with old-school 1970’s designs – such as snowflakes, stripes and geometric patterns – are great, as are the sleek, modern-looking ski jackets with leather accents,” she says.  “Both function as multiuse pieces that can be worn both on and off the slopes; you won’t look out of place wearing them during the day and then out the same night.”



RETRO STYLING HAS been in vogue for several seasons, but rather than petering out as time goes by, this style has only revved up. Fashions for fall and winter 2014-2015 are saturated with designs from yesteryear, whether it’s 1950s dress silhouettes or 1980s neons. This dynamite crewneck tee featuring a grain-sack stripe print (AA1935A) from Alternative Apparel takes on this trend with gusto and infuses it with innovative upgrades. The shirt is form fitting and flattering with a sturdy, street-smart look to it that’s only enhanced when paired with jeans. Lightweight and garment washed, the shirt’s unique grain-sack stripe gives it an edgy look and tons of nostalgic appeal.


The Mother Lode of Outerwear

The 3-In-1 System Jacket is the mother lode of outerwear. Comprising two independent jackets that fit together to form on supremely weather-resistant garment, these jackets are the ultimate in cold-weather comfort. 

The relentless commitment to performance often results in a list of technical specs as long as a 747 manual. But amid all the bullet-pointed terminology, the ease of wear and the simple attractiveness of these jackets might get overlooked. Don’t. These are all great looking ambassadors for your company’s logo, absorbing all the lessons of retail-worthy apparel while repelling any wintry weapon thrown their way.