Create Inspiration With Branded Headwear


When it comes to branded headwear, it's quality over quantity. It's more meaningful to give away 600 caps, that will be worn time and time again, than to give away 1000 inexpensive caps that will quickly disappear. 

Choosing the right hat for the right promotion is crucial; end users will actually wear an on-trend accessory. Headwear is a tremendous avenue for companies looking to boost brand awareness. There's no better billboard for a company than a custom branded cap.

Summer Fashion Trends

Celebrate summer with fashion-forward apparel that gets your clients’ brand buzzing. On-trend promotional clothing “often becomes your clients' favorite item to wear,” thus increasing visibility, says Glen Brumer, sales director at Royal Apparel. 

According to Brumer, this season, clients are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable styles, made-in-USA garments, “athleisure” – including leggings and tank tops – military chic camo, vintage looks, soft-hand fabrics and polos. 
In terms of color, greens are extremely popular for summer, says James Andres, marketing coordinator for S&S Activewear. “Between St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, there are tons of events and promotional opportunities for green,” he points out. Themes of sustainability and growth also tie in to the hot hue. 


Check Mate!

You can't go wrong with plaid – you just can’t. A fashion staple for years, plaid stylings adorn everything from apparel to hard goods. Everyone from West Coast rockers to Northeastern preps drape themselves in plaid. You’ll find classic stylings on flannel and dress shirts, and some with updated features that ensures your plaid piece is current. Dress it up or dress it down, plaid is appropriate in a grunge rock concert hall or at a country club formal. You’ll find classic tartan patterns on ties and scarves for a sophisticated look and bold, traditional patterns on jackets, flannel shirts and hats exude a he-man vibe. 


March Madness - Your Next Slam-Dunk Promotion

March Madness! According to Benn Chazan, national sales manager at BamBams LLC, ad specialties surrounding this event fall into two categories: cheering products (noisemakers, attention grabbers) and premium products, which are kept and valued after the event. “A combination of these two things will be the most effective,” he says, “or a single item that’s effective in both ways.” Chazan advises, due to the fast pace and uncertainty of March Madness games, products focus on branding for the event (March Madness/NCAA Tournament) instead of specific teams, and items should feature the tournament year, references to Indianapolis (location of the Final Four), and/or some type of brackets in the artwork. “These are staples of March Madness,” he explains, “and they’ll increase the value of the giveaway to the end-user and, by extension, to the advertiser.”


Maximize Impressions With Sophisticated Wovens

Looking for a versatile garment that doubles as a sophisticated branding canvas? Woven shirts keep wearers comfortable while maximizing impressions for your clients.


According to Lisa Denham, marketing director at Executive Apparel buyers seek performance properties and fashion-forward styles. “Clients are looking for a professional and stylish, upscale look that’s easy to care for without breaking the bank,” Denham explains.

Wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant and moisture-wicking wearables are in demand; wovens with these properties are ideal advertising tools. Denham adds: “Wovens last longer than a knit shirt, which will generally look worn after a few washes.”

Dri Duck: Quality, Comfort And Love Of Outdoors

DRI DUCK is built upon a foundation of uncompromising quality, worn-in comfort and a love of the outdoors.

It is the most comprehensive performance workwear line in the industry and is broken up into three important product collections; rugged essentials apparel, technical performance outerwear, and authentic wildlife series headwear. The rugged essentials collection features their heritage canvas products constructed from their exclusive 12oz Boulder Cloth™ canvas. Through their proprietary quarry wash process, each Boulder Cloth™ canvas garment embodies rock solid comfort.

The technical performance collection, DRI DUCK Extreme, also referred to as DDX uses modern fabric technology to build high quality performance workwear. From anti-static fleece to waterproof fabrics this collection combines rugged fabrications with technical performance features to accommodate the most demanding outdoor lifestyles.

In addition to their outdoor apparel, they are the innovators behind the Authentic Wildlife Series headwear. Each cap features a highly detailed embroidered wildlife scene that has the propensity to become a collector's item for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. With over 50 designs, you'll never have a shortage of designs to sell.


Hot Products For The Coldest Months

Why sacrifice style for comfort when you can have both? “Styling is more important than it ever has been when it comes to winter apparel and accessories,” says Kara DiBiase, marketing coordinator at Trimark. “Consumers now have multiple winter jackets with different looks.” DiBiase cites quilting, heather and mélange as on-trend for outerwear.

Also popular is the military look, according to John Ottaviano, director of sales and marketing for Rothco. “Shirt jackets are a hot trend; military styles have been seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera,” he says. “These looks are popular for both men and women.” In addition, says Nadia Santoli, marketing director at Expert Brand, “When you’re purchasing winter apparel, look for protection from the elements, visibility, and convenience and functionality.”


Help Our Heroes & Be A Hero


The holidays are here, and it’s the time of year we start thinking about giving back. At ImageWear Solutions, philanthropy is high on our priority list: we think it’s important to support our community and the people who help make it a better place.

Today, I want to feature the great organizations we support. The people and places I’m about to talk about work hard everyday, year-round to help others and make the world a brighter place. I also want to give you a gentle nudge to put philanthropy on your list of goals for the New Year.

Without further ado...

Melody’s Angels
Melody's Angels is a group that meets once a month to package and deliver care kits to homeless men and women in the PDX area, as well as providing support and serving meals at the  Portland Rescue Mission!.

The Dougy Center
The Dougy Center provides grieving children, teens, young adults, and their families a safe place to share and work through their loss. Giving them an outlet, The Dougy Center offers peer support groups, education, and training. Sadly, on June 21 this year, The Dougy Center’s building was destroyed in an arson fire. They’re still helping grieving children and families in a temporary location, but need support now more than ever.

The Humane Society
As an owner of two dogs, animals hold a special place in my heart. The Oregon Humane Society has been working to help animals for the last 140 years. The Humane Society shelters abandoned animals, fights cruelty and neglect, and works to build a caring and compassionate community.

Oregon Food Bank
The Oregon Food Bank recovers food from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and government sources. It then distributes that food to 20 regional food banks across Oregon. In addition, the Oregon Food Bank works to eliminate the root causes of hunger through advocacy, nutrition education, learning gardens, and public education.

Kid's Toy & Clothing Drive


When choosing promotional products for a clothing or toy drive, or for kids in general, remember to appeal to the end user. "Children start establishing their purchasing influence as toddlers," says Marketing Coordinator Lindsay Schultz of Vitronics. "Buyers want to find fun promo items that children can play with, plush animals they can form an emotional bond with, or items kid's minds associate with brands they love."

According to Dan Girard, merchandiser for Dyenomite, "If kids fall in love with an item, they'll wear it or use it often. Kids are natural product ambassadors, as long as they love an item." Girard points to day care centers, schools and camps that promote with children's clothing.