SCUBA BLUE IS Worth The Plunge

PANTONE’S SCUBA BLUE is a prominent player in spring and summer 2015 collections from high-end designers like Elie Saab and Ermanno Scervino as well as fashion houses such as Bluemarine and Thakoon. A gorgeous, plush version of turquoise with a touch of extra brightness, you’ll find this hue in numerous prints this season, particularly globally inspired designs. 

“Scuba Blue is infusing the season with a burst of color,” says Nancy Robitaille, principal designer for Fersten Worldwide Inc.“Its aqua undertones are reminiscent of Caribbean warmth, and it provides such a vibrant, cheerful air, especially as we come out of the dull, black- and grey-driven winter months. What I most love about this color is that when it’s applied to apparel, it can make for great stand-alone pieces.” 

Robitaille highly recommends incorporating this hue into your promotional strategy. “Scuba Blue is a perfect choice for any spring/ summer 2015 marketing campaign, as it grabs your attention with its brightness and yet is still pleasing to the eye,” she says. “It’s a super color to start your selling season off right.” 

A Prescription For Performance

The standard desire for comfort and carefree laundering is universal. At the most basic level are scrubs that are comfortable and easy to care for. Performance properties like wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, non-iron and stain-resistance are standard. The ModernFlex line of scrubs from Spectrum fits the bill. Made from a 82/14/4 mix of polyester, rayon and spandex, these scrubs are breathable and flexible.

Adds Ashantá Miller, creative brand director for Spectrum: “The demand for antimicro- bial products in the health-care industry is on the rise. Most medical facilities are purchas- ing products that will keep their staff and patients safe and bacteria-free.”

Keeping the performance value of the garment intact matters, too. “The most important factor for quality and durability is the laun- dering standards,” Miller says. “It is also as important to use the proper type of laundering machines while paying close attention to the instructions on the care label.” Spectrum offers “Cover A Stitch” – a fusible backing that covers finished embroidery on the inside. It reduces irritation and preserves the embroidery of the garment. “The more resources that a distributor is able to offer their customer to preserve their garments,” Miller says, “the happier their customer will be!” 

mix things up with stripes

From thin to thick, stripes have always been a style staple. On occasion, they'll take a backseat in fashion, only to be revived brighter and bolder than before. This year, designers such as DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger incorporated more multicolored stripes onto the runway, reminding the world that stripes are pretty great. 

When you consider how many ways they can be employed, it makes sense that stripes continue to gain converts, particularly for promotional apparel. You can find stripes on many different apparel products and accessories, but for apparel, the pattern is in higher demand during the spring/summer seasons. "People are more likely to have a little more fun with their wardrobes during the warmer months, and stripes are a great way to inject a little playfulness without being over the top," says Albert Samuels, senior merchandiser at Alternative Apparel. Rightfully so, considering stripes are often portrayed as nautical and make us think of the beach. 

Stripes are also a good way to mix things up in your wardrobe without being drastic. "It's about simplicity, wearability and being just the right amount different to increase long-lasting impressions," says Mark Robinson, vice president of imprintable sales at Alternative Apparel. Stripes often add that little something extra.

When it comes to printing on stripes, subtle-yet-noticeable designs are essential. Robinson says stripes tend to work best with one- or two-color artwork – the key being you don't want the artwork disappearing in the stripes. "Screen printers are more comfortable with printing on stripes now," says Margaret Crow, director of marketing at S&S Activewear, in part because the current trend for embellishments and designs is less about being precise and more about stretching all over the garment. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.20.07 PM.jpg

Prepare for Back-to-College with Promotional Products

Now is the time for businesses to plan and order promotional items for the millions of students returning to college in September for the fall semester. Customized items in school colors with business logos are always popular with college students. Consider stocking up on keychain bottle openers, which are great for tailgating. Other popular products for tailgating include custom embroidered or imprinted T-shirts, mini-footballs for parking lot games, coolers, water bottles and koozies.

Another great idea is magnetized business cards, especially for food delivery, apartment rental companies, and printing services. Imagine magnets with your logo and contact information on the front of all those tiny refrigerators in dorm rooms and watch business increase! And don’t forget football season where fans will want custom sweatshirts, shakers and stadium blankets for chilly evening games. The possibilities are absolutely endless, so get be sure to get in on all the excitement.

Bucket Bags: a go-to accessory for women

MORE THAN A mere drop in the fashion bucket, the very popular bucket bags have become a go-to accessory for women. “The bucket bag has a universally appealing shape,” writes fashion and style website “It’s structured, but not too structured – fashionable, but not too out-there.” Both high-end designers and fast- fashion retailers have thrown their considerable weight behind the bag. It’s defined by its roughly square proportions, structured bottom and typically drawstring closure. Common fabrics include leather (real and faux), canvas, denim or a lightweight parachute fabric. “They are comfortable, stylish and extremely versatile,” says Jeffrey Mayer, president of LBU Inc. Easily foldable into a bag or carry-on, they are the ultimate stylish bags for travel. 

Hawaiian Punch

TROPICAL LOCALES CONTINUE to top the lists of favored travel destinations. Their enduring popularity makes tropical prints on apparel and accessories a perennial favorite for consumers. “Tropical prints are functional, fun, festive and extremely popular", says Taraynn Lloyd, director of marketing at Edwards Garment Co. Edwards’ camp shirts are in high demand for uniforms at restaurants, resorts, theme parks, museums and even medical offices, because “the vibrant colors attract attention and quickly identify the employee to the guest,” says Lloyd. Demand grows in winter too with events taking place in tropical locales. 


Dickies Fit Continuum For Women’s Pants

Getting the right fit is crucial when it comes to uniforming. “Employees don’t just come in one size,” explains Susan Kohout, marketing director of Dickies Occupational Wear. “If you’re doing a uniform program, you have to fit in all size ranges to make employees presentable in a work environment.”

That’s why the supplier recently expanded the fit continuum for women’s pants, after studying body scan data collected by specialty retail mannequin company Alvanon. With its slim and relaxed fit pants, Dickies was representing about 60% of the women’s market, but the company had been ignoring a large segment of women. After adding a curvy fit to the mix, Dickies is capturing all but 11% of that market, according to Sue Moy, general manager of women’s apparel for the supplier.

Curvy fit jeans and khakis from Dickies have fullness built all around the back and tummy, not just the hips, so wearers don’t get an unflattering “jodhpur” effect or gapping at the waist, Moy says. “Everything was wear-tested for women,” she adds. In addition, Dickies added plus-size pants, starting at 18W for women, creating sizing based on Alvanon data, rather than just sizing up from “missy” specs. “The next size up is not always an inch bigger,” Moy says. “Plus-size women have curves and fullness at different parts of the body.” Offering women’s plus sizes is also important for uniform programs, so that larger women aren’t automatically put into men’s garments and left feeling miserable and not looking as presentable as their smaller-size counterparts, Kohout says. “It does help them feel comfortable and not worry about how they’re looking,” she adds.

Another component of Dickies’ fit continuum is its modern fit pants, targeted to the athleisure demographic. Similar to yoga pants, these pull-on stretch trousers skim the body and offer a full range of movement, but are dressy enough to wear to work. 

embrace the comfort and style of Quarter-zips

Companies with a group of high-performing employees, looking for a single logoed piece that's professional, comfortable and versatile, and garners the most impressions for the brand, should consider the quarter-zip pullover.

“It's both athletic and casual and can be worn throughout the day and during evening activities," says Rachel Newman, director of sales and marketing for Hanes Branded Printwear. “It's more polished than a traditional crewneck or hood, and offers the comfort of fleece with the style of a sweater. We're also seeing Millennials, particularly those in the college market, embrace its comfort and style."

Vantage Apparel carries a variety of quarter-zips, including performance styles, sweaters and fleece, at a variety of price points, says Gina Barreca, director of marketing. “Performance pullovers are the hottest segment for us right now," she adds. “Their versatility for sport or casual wear plus the ease of layering with them is driving momentum. We've actually seen them replace traditional crewneck wind shirts in the golf market."

Quarter-zips don't just provide a stylish look, says Barecca. They're also an ideal canvas for a variety of embellishment techniques, including etching, applique and patches, in unique locations. “The quarter-zip trend will continue with upscale fabrications, contrast details, color-blocking, mixed-media construction and lighter weights with stretch properties."


There’s nothing quite like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the world’s largest livestock exhibition and live entertainment event. The massive event held in downtown Houston each spring boasts 20 days of rodeos, concerts, pig racing, shopping, livestock auctions and more. In 2013, the event hosted over 2 million people and almost 30,000 volunteers.

Before the official start of the event, a pre-party of over 300 teams convenes for the three-day World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. Barbecue connoisseurs from across the state go head-to-head to cook the tastiest meal, and attendees enjoy delicious food and dancing.

For the past several years, Jane Swanzy, owner of Houston-based Swan Marketing LLC and a long-time show volunteer, has embroidered aprons for Half-Fast Cookers, one of the competing teams. Tuan “Tuna” Nguyen had decided to resurrect his father-in-law’s cook-off team, and as a fellow volunteer, knew about Swanzy’s embroidery work.

“They came to me asking if I would decorate their items,” says Swanzy. “In exchange for my decorating, I’m an official team sponsor, so I get free food and drink during cook-off time. Their primary objective was to look professional on a small budget.”

Swanzy took the team’s original 1970s logo, and continues to embroider it on button-down shirts as well as Port Authority full-length aprons (A500) each year.

For the aprons, she sticks with black for one basic reason: “There is no way they can keep from getting barbeque sauce on their clothes.

Top Off That Cap

Caps get broad exposure, so the imprint and embellishment are key to the accessory’s success. “The trend is toward being able to decorate a cap in a variety of areas to make it more brand-centric and more personal,” says Bruce Jolesch, president of Garland, TX-based PXP Solutions. Front and back are the most obvious areas, “but side embroidery or a combo embroidery/screen print is quite popular at the moment,” he adds.

Creating a cap from scratch lifts many limitations when it comes to decoration. When decorating, having the ability to conceive the cap style and artwork early (before any material is cut or sewn), allows for better results. “Custom overseas manufacturing affords your customers no decoration limitations, high quality and 100% customization, which they don’t get when they decorate domestically,” says Mitchell Krakower, president of Topwear International.

Here are some top decoration options:

Embroidery: “The most popular decoration on caps is still embroidery,” says Catherine Kelly Epstein, business development manager at Fersten Worldwide. “Flat and 3-D embroidery are the most popular. Depend- ing on the logo, we are also seeing increased demand for light back-fill embroidery, 3-D Puff with Bean Stitching, 3-D puff outline embroidery and Criss-Cross embroidery.”

The majority of caps are six panels, which is better suited for embroidery, says Krakower. “This is because there is a seam in the front, and printing does not always line up well [with it],” he says. “Of course, if the logo is very intricate or it is a picture, printing or sublimation can be better in that case, but you might  be better off switching to a five-panel cap.”

Laser Etching: This technique is effective, says Epstein, but it is fabric and color dependent and cannot be done on all head- wear styles and colors. “For the polyester- based headwear styles, we are seeing a lot of requests for laser as well as crown-to-peak laser for decoration,” she says. “We are also seeing increased demand for woven labels on headwear, which allow logos with a lot of small details to be applied to caps.”

Emblems: Applying emblems and transfers with heat offers many options. “The best emblem styles are those that accommodate the natural curvature and shape of the hat into its design,” says Michelle Serrano, marketing coordinator at World Emblem. “Something like our digital print emblems are made on a thin piece of fabric that is pretty flexible and can be easily sewn or heat-sealed onto any hat. Our embroidered patches and appliqués are a popular choice as they are more affordable and can be placed on any part of the cap as well, depending on its size.”