RETRO STYLING HAS been in vogue for several seasons, but rather than petering out as time goes by, this style has only revved up. Fashions for fall and winter 2014-2015 are saturated with designs from yesteryear, whether it’s 1950s dress silhouettes or 1980s neons. This dynamite crewneck tee featuring a grain-sack stripe print (AA1935A) from Alternative Apparel takes on this trend with gusto and infuses it with innovative upgrades. The shirt is form fitting and flattering with a sturdy, street-smart look to it that’s only enhanced when paired with jeans. Lightweight and garment washed, the shirt’s unique grain-sack stripe gives it an edgy look and tons of nostalgic appeal.


The Mother Lode of Outerwear

The 3-In-1 System Jacket is the mother lode of outerwear. Comprising two independent jackets that fit together to form on supremely weather-resistant garment, these jackets are the ultimate in cold-weather comfort. 

The relentless commitment to performance often results in a list of technical specs as long as a 747 manual. But amid all the bullet-pointed terminology, the ease of wear and the simple attractiveness of these jackets might get overlooked. Don’t. These are all great looking ambassadors for your company’s logo, absorbing all the lessons of retail-worthy apparel while repelling any wintry weapon thrown their way.


Get a Tangy Kick from Orange

A variety of lively orange shades and tints were on full display during fall/autumn fashion shows by Balmain, Dries Van Noten, Givenchy and more.  This is one dazzling color that can’t fail to seize attention, whether you choose a light tangerine or a dense mahogany.

“Orange is an excellent hue for many applications and moods based on the variety of tones it can come in, from a subtle warm hue to a vibrant bright one, “ says Jeff Silcock, marketing manager for Stormtech Performance Apparel.  He agrees that orange is a reliable and influential player in the promotional arena.  “For those looking for a retail-inspired color, orange is an excellent choice.  One of our most popular colors right now is chipotle, which is on the more subtle end of the orange spectrum.”

Silcock says orange is traditionally associated with autumn but is also a winter favorite.  “It’s a great fall color to apply to a range of holiday events, from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, going with a ‘louder’ color like orange is the way to go.”


With a Female Touch

It’s fair to say that women primarily drive demand for fashion. Therefore most people might not consider football a significant force in apparel trends. They’re wrong. Refinery29, an independent fashion and style website (www.refinery29.com), blogged about the misconception earlier this year, pointing out that women make up 44% of college football fans and when it comes to female viewership, “among women ages 18 to 24, Sunday Night Foot- ball has won out over Dancing With The Stars, Glee and Grey’s Anatomy.” Add to that the NFL is actively courting female fans. There is an audience ready to wear football- inspired clothing, particularly if it show- cases a man or woman’s favorite team logo.

The promotional apparel industry has taken note. From jerseys and shorts to accessories such as bags and sunglasses, there are choices that tap into the game-minded audience – and that doesn’t count unisex styles.

For example, new this year is the unisex poly mesh football jersey (H418) from American Apparel. “We added the football jersey to the collection since sportswear is in such high demand right now,” says Yvette Corona, spokesperson for American Apparel. The Sport-Tek brand from San-Mar also brings female-focused options. Its new PosiCharge (a colorfast performance feature) replica jerseys (ST307 and LST307) deliver football-inspired companion styles for men and women. “The Sport-Tek brand is about the power of teams,” says Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at SanMar. “It’s a brand built specifically for this industry, so it targets the needs of schools, communities and groups of all kinds who support their athletes and the fans who cheer them on.


Show Your Metal

BRIGHTS AREN’T THE only thing still front-and-center in fashion – so are metallic designs, especially silver. The latest collection from Paco Rabanne is awash in metallic silver, from mini-dresses to boyfriend pants, and Lanvin’s seasonal wardrobe features a silver jumpsuit as well as separates in a variety of metallic colors. You’ll also see silver shoes, such as low-heeled boots from Saint Laurent and sneaks in Nike’s stunning 2014 “Silver Speed” collection. Target your youth market for sure (kids and teens love the glitzy, upbeat allure of anything metallic), but think broadly– metallic can be used to catch any- one’s eye. Accessories in particular are superb because they introduce just a touch of sparkle.