A Salute To Nautical Stripes


Nautical stripes date back to 1850s Europe, when they became standard issue in the French Navy – the theory being that blue and white stripes would be easier to spot if sailors fell overboard, according to Ralph Lauren’s online style guide.

But it was Coco Chanel who really put the horizontal stripe on the map, when she created a nautical-themed collection in 1917, according to a history of stripes posted by experimental fashion label UMd. Chanel herself was known to pair a striped Breton top with wide-legged trousers, helping to spark the enduring trend.

Though they’ve been around for more than a century, nautical stripes are timeless. They look outstanding with most brands and are popular by water and on the mainland.

Stripes are the new black, according to Megan Erber of S&S Activewear. They add extra flair to a casual piece of apparel. Erber says she’s been seeing stripes used to give a garment a color-blocked effect or just to jazz up a plain design. Striped sleeves evoke the look of a vintage football jersey, and colorful stripes on a shirt’s midsection can add a feminine touch, she adds.

When decorating striped apparel, Erber suggest staying away from multicolored imprints because they would distract from the actual stripes. For example, try embroidering white thread on a blue stripe, or vice versa, she adds.


Take Your Cue From Hot Hues

When it comes to promotional branding, color is paramount.  It’s the first thing that catches the viewer’s eye. Client most frequently request “plenty of variety”, when it comes to the color of their branded products. They want a large to choose from, and they consider how their own logo might look against different backgrounds.

It’s very common for color to balance elements of design. The promotional industry often takes it’s hue cues from fashion’s Pantone Color Institute, which has released its Fashion Color Report for Fall 2017. It’s always advisable to offer on-trend wearables in several up to the minute shades. 


Leverage Promotions For Trade Shows And Events

When it comes to trade shows, corporate events and meetings, it can be hard to make a lasting impression on prospective clients and attendees. While it’s important to be organized and provide attendees with networking opportunities and knowledge of your business, there’s a proven way to stand out and make your presence known: promotional products. When trade show and event attendees are visiting your clients’ booths, you only have so much time to grab their attention and make them remember your clients’ branding.

With the right promotional products and branded signage in their arsenal, your client’s name will stick with attendees when it comes to new business opportunities. Pens, lanyards and lip balms are all tried-and-true trade show and event giveaways for sure. But sometimes you need something a little more distinctive to set yourself apart from the competition. Power banks are highly valued giveaways and often come in particularly handy at trade shows where battery life seems to drain at an even faster rate. Give a top prospect something they will really appreciate (and use that day and beyond) like a Mini Power Bank With Flashlight or try something a little more “gadgety” like the Folding Phone Holder with Stylus and Screen Cleaner

AQ4_6453 2.jpg

Cool Patterns Are Hot!

In terms of promotional apparel, buyers are eager for wearables with retail-inspired looks – including stripes and patterns, according to Ratcliff. Which demographics are smart targets? “Industries that employ millennials, or that are interested in creating on-trend retail looks, are particularly interested in incorporating patterns and stripes into their promotional wearables,” says Norman Bishop, president of Bishop, The Garment Co. Bishop advises, when selling patterned products, to “have fun with it” while ensuring the apparel is on-trend. Ratcliff adds that athletic teams, as well as the health and wellness industry, are drawn to bold designs.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Promote an important and timely cause while boosting your brand this October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Michael Kogutt, of Outdoor Cap Co., explains, “By donating your promotional products to an organization or sponsoring a charitable event, you can build emotional equity within your community.”

As long as the end-user owns the product, he or she will remember the cause and associate positive feelings with your organization. "Doing a good deed will gain exposure for the disease, cancer research, survivors and your brand,” Kogutt says.

“Supporting a cause brings people together,” adds Bruce Everakes, president of Wolfmark. He says offering pink ribbon items for Breast Cancer Awareness could be “a great entrée into other types of cause-related projects your customers support.” Raise hope, spirits and a lot more, starting today. 


A New Twist On Camo

A new twist on traditional camo, which has been hot at retail, is offered by the Independent Trading Co. snow camo hoodie. “The snow camo has been a big hit,” says Margaret Crow, director of marketing for Americana Sportswear. “The camo trend seemed like such a fad when it first appeared at retail, but it continues to strengthen, whether it is a licensed hunting pattern or digital camo or retro like the snow camo. The gray, black and white shading of this offers an alternative to the more typical green and khaki camo shading. This piece is perfect for colleges and high schools.”


Maximize Impressions With Sophisticated Wovens

Looking for a versatile garment that doubles as a sophisticated branding canvas? Woven shirts keep wearers comfortable while maximizing impressions for your clients.

According to Lisa Denham, marketing director at Executive Apparel buyers seek performance properties and fashion-forward styles. “Clients are looking for a professional and stylish, upscale look that’s easy to care for without breaking the bank,” Denham explains.

Wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant and moisture-wicking wearables are in demand; wovens with these properties are ideal advertising tools. Denham adds: “Wovens last longer than a knit shirt, which will generally look worn after a few washes.”


Williamslake - Classic Relaxed Style & Modern Fit

Trimark has captured the Apparel Design Award for the best hoodie/sweatshirt with their Williamslake Hoody. Trimark designed the Williamslake Hoody with a little inspiration from their popular Sandylake Hoody. The Williamslake combines a classic relaxed style, modern fit and stylish details. With a kangaroo pouch that includes a hidden media pocket, this lightweight hoody offers a high-impact decoration area that puts your brand front and center. The versatile Williamslake has lots of distinctive features, too, from the rib-knit cuffs and hem to the thick drawstring for the hood. While the mens style has a traditional neckline, the women’s features an open V-neck. But what they have in common is what matters most – the unmistakable comfort and style of Roots73.