Time To Shine

SPARKLE IS HUGE this season. Designers like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta were heavy-handed with sequins and gleaming metallic fabrics for their fall 2016 collections. Metal detailing and glitter were also big on the runway. But you don’t have to go overboard with head-to-toe gold lamé to capitalize on this trend. 

Give your designs a hard edge with a few strategically placed nailhead embellishments, or employ some glitter thread or metallic ink to put some pop in your logos. Also, consider incorporating metal hardware, like custom cuff links, into company stores and incentive programs for that on-trend touch of metal. Surprisingly, these traditional accessories are a hit with the younger set.

Stripes Never Go Out Of Style

From understated to big and bold, stripes offer fashionable flair and promotional panache. “Stripes are versatile, simple and elegant, and they never go out of style,” says Anne Zimmer, president of SailorBags.“Their versatility allows them to be executed in ways that can make them fit very different demographics,” Zimmer adds, pointing out the universal appeal of the pattern.

One such demographic, according to John Anderson, national sales manager at The Antigua Group, is the golf apparel market. For brands, Anderson says, “Stripes are a way of standing out without being too flashy.” To spice up your striped apparel, one-color embroidery is best, Anderson advises. “Horizontal stripes make a nice canvas for company logos,” Zimmer says, “as they provide baselines and visual anchors to the decoration.”

DRI DUCK: Quality, Comfort and Love of Outdoors

DRI DUCK is built upon a foundation of uncompromising quality, worn-in comfort and a love of the outdoors.

It is the most comprehensive performance workwear line in the industry and is broken up into three important product collections; rugged essentials apparel, technical performance outerwear, and authentic wildlife series headwear. The rugged essentials collection features their heritage canvas products constructed from their exclusive 12oz Boulder Cloth™ canvas. Through their proprietary quarry wash process, each Boulder Cloth™ canvas garment embodies rock solid comfort.

The technical performance collection, DRI DUCK Extreme, also referred to as DDX uses modern fabric technology to build high quality performance workwear. From anti-static fleece to waterproof fabrics this collection combines rugged fabrications with technical performance features to accommodate the most demanding outdoor lifestyles.

In addition to their outdoor apparel, they are the innovators behind the Authentic Wildlife Series headwear. Each cap features a highly detailed embroidered wildlife scene that has the propensity to become a collector's item for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. With over 50 designs, you'll never have a shortage of designs to sell.

Fleece Has Got You Covered

FROM BLANKETS TO SCARVES, beanies, mittens, neck warmers and more, fleece has got you covered. “Fleece is a versatile promotional product because it’s durable, and it’s easy to decorate and maintain,” says Munira Kasamali, marketing manager at FIEL-Fairdeal Import & Export. She adds that everyone can appreciate branded fleece products – kids, men, and women – even pets. When decorating fleece items, Kasamali advises, consider sublimation, embroidery, heat transfers and screen-printing. Promotional fleece, she notes, is ideal for many advertising purposes: “incentives for employees, conversation starters at a trade show, team-building events, product launches, tailgating and fundraising events.” Warm up to this versatile material with these hot products.

Company Picnic

On a Summer day, dozens of employees gather outside of the office for team building, delicious food and lots of brand-tastic impressions. The CEO and other execs sport logoed aprons while whipping up lunch – using a branded grilling set. Workers pull ice-cold beverages out of insulated cooler bags, reinforcing their positive feelings about the organization that provided such versatile items. Meanwhile, to thank them for working hard this season, the company gives logoed caps and sunglasses to each employee. Paint a picture of this scenario in your mind, and turn it into promotional reality with the eye-catching items like the 2-Side Patch Pocket Apron (EF53) from Aprons, Etc.

Pretty In Pastels

Satisfy your company’s sweet tooth with candy-colored pastels. Pantone, which picked two pastels, Rose Quartz and Serenity, as its colors of the year, proved that these light colors work with just about everything, from patterns to darker hues. Pair two pastels together: The result is a preppy color-block look. However, pastels can be found outside of the country club, too. Many professional and college sports teams, like the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals, have incorporated light blues into their team colors and uniforms. 

Check Mate!

You can't go wrong with plaid – you just can’t. A fashion staple for years, plaid stylings adorn everything from apparel to hard goods. Everyone from West Coast rockers to Northeastern preps drape themselves in plaid. You’ll find classic stylings on flannel and dress shirts, and some with updated features that ensures your plaid piece is current. Dress it up or dress it down, plaid is appropriate in a grunge rock concert hall or at a country club formal. You’ll find classic tartan patterns on ties and scarves for a sophisticated look and bold, traditional patterns on jackets, flannel shirts and hats exude a he-man vibe. 

Drinkware Adds Zip To A Sip

Drinkware doesn’t have to be dreary. Drinkware can be as eye catching and creative as you can imagine. been designing and producing distinctive mugs and cups. With unique shapes, styles and colors, you can promote your brand by offering your clients various unusually shaped handles, stylish designs, fashionable matte colors, extraordinary hand-painted designs, 3-D relief and deep-etch imprinting. From ceramics to bling to stainless steel to glass and plastic, you have a vast array of choices.

This year political candidates gifting custom mugs to people who donate a certain amount of money to a campaign, and to help on the campaign trail as gifts and as giveaways to members of the U.S House of Representatives. However, mugs can be used daily in offices and homes. Unique creations often become collectible and can be kept for years. According to the annual ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, half of American consumers who own logoed drinkware use it two to three times a week or more; the average number of months drinkware is kept is eight. That means the cost per impression is impressively low.

Case Study: All Aboard!

Supplier Executive Apparel has been working with the MBRC, part of Boston’s commuter rail system, for more than 10 years. The uniforms Executive Apparel provides are not only custom, but have special features designed for maximum comfort and usability. “We designed a custom conductor’s coat for them in a highly durable, washable fabric,” says Lisa Denham, marketing director at Executive Apparel. “Conductors are notoriously rough on their blazers. Our designers considered the conductors’ feedback before starting the design.” The single-breasted fully lined blazer includes additional oversized inside pockets for booklets, reinforced panels in high-wear areas, super-reinforced buttons and custom embroidery. “The blazers look sharp and are highly functional, solving a specific set of problems they face in their day-to-day work,” says Denham. The uniforms are so stylish, they’ve even been modeled by celebrities. Debra Norville, in fact, wore the conductor uniform, for an Inside Edition report on CBS.

Hi-Vis Workwear For Every Season

Keeping workers safe is one of the most rewarding and important jobs for distributors. “GAME has their back by offering a full line of durable workwear for every season, designed to be comfortable and functional for any job and, most importantly, compliant with current ANSI Class 2 and 3 clothing standards,” says Andrea Cancellieri. GAME is a unique supplier that can satisfy many, if not all, of your apparel needs with their diverse mix of Outerwear, Sportswear and Workwear apparel.