Williamslake - Classic Relaxed Style & Modern Fit

Trimark has captured the Apparel Design Award for the best hoodie/sweatshirt with their Williamslake Hoody. Trimark designed the Williamslake Hoody with a little inspiration from their popular Sandylake Hoody. The Williamslake combines a classic relaxed style, modern fit and stylish details. With a kangaroo pouch that includes a hidden media pocket, this lightweight hoody offers a high-impact decoration area that puts your brand front and center. The versatile Williamslake has lots of distinctive features, too, from the rib-knit cuffs and hem to the thick drawstring for the hood. While the mens style has a traditional neckline, the women’s features an open V-neck. But what they have in common is what matters most – the unmistakable comfort and style of Roots73.

Find Inspiration With Branded Headwear

When it comes to branded headwear, it's quality over quantity. It's more meaningful to give away 600 caps, that will be worn time and time again, than to give away 1000 inexpensive caps that will quickly disappear. 

Choosing the right hat for the right promotion is crucial; end users will actually wear an on-trend accessory. Headwear is a tremendous avenue for companies looking to boost brand awareness. There's no better billboard for a company than a custom branded cap.

Summer Fashion Trends

Celebrate summer with fashion-forward apparel that gets your clients’ brand buzzing. On-trend promotional clothing “often becomes your clients' favorite item to wear,” thus increasing visibility, says Glen Brumer, sales director at Royal Apparel. 

According to Brumer, this season, clients are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable styles, made-in-USA garments, “athleisure” – including leggings and tank tops – military chic camo, vintage looks, soft-hand fabrics and polos. 
In terms of color, greens are extremely popular for summer, says James Andres, marketing coordinator for S&S Activewear. “Between St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, there are tons of events and promotional opportunities for green,” he points out. Themes of sustainability and growth also tie in to the hot hue. 

Let's Have Some Fun!

Did you know the first promotional t-shirt was printed for the release of The Wizard of Oz?

Or that most t-shirts are made of cotton, a fabric first developed by the Aztecs over 8,000 years ago?

How about this tidbit of knowledge: if you unraveled all of the yarn it takes to make a single t-shirt you would a) have enough thread to stretch 6 miles and b) no longer have a functioning t-shirt.

(We don't advise unraveling your t-shirts. Even for science.)

Outdoor Events = Amazing Branding Opportunities

Between food and drink, live music, cheering fans and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, summer events like concerts are the perfect venue for boosting your brand awareness.

Think coolers, bandannas, picnic blankets, tote bags, tank tops and light jackets for cool evenings.  For any product that will be used outdoors, quality is paramount.  Clients expect an outdoors product to be tough, and able to hold up to the elements.

Anything from drinkware to functional hard goods has a place at outdoor events. The possibilities are endless. Even tech items can provide amazing branding opportunities.

Check Mate!

You can't go wrong with plaid – you just can’t. A fashion staple for years, plaid stylings adorn everything from apparel to hard goods. Everyone from West Coast rockers to Northeastern preps drape themselves in plaid. You’ll find classic stylings on flannel and dress shirts, and some with updated features that ensures your plaid piece is current. Dress it up or dress it down, plaid is appropriate in a grunge rock concert hall or at a country club formal. You’ll find classic tartan patterns on ties and scarves for a sophisticated look and bold, traditional patterns on jackets, flannel shirts and hats exude a he-man vibe. 


“Who isn’t in a good mood when they receive a product that reminds them of the beach?” says Gary Mosley, vice president of Kati Sportcap & Bag. When offering beach-themed merchandise, Mosley advises clients to consider items that may not be used at the beach, but still evoke thoughts of sand and surf. Beach apparel and accessories appeal to all demographics. There are so many social activities associated with being around the water.” In addition, he says, the promotional appeal of beach apparel includes a strong aspirational element. Surf’s up!


Travel Items Are Successful Promos

FROM LUGGAGE BAGS and tags to travel journals, postcards and more, logoed travel gear makes its mark around the globe. “Travel items are successful promotional products because these products travel all over the world and allow for more exposure,” notes Audrey Cobb, executive assistant at IDProductsource. “People who travel often, especially for business purposes, are more likely to use these products regularly.” To pique buyers’ interest in travel items, Cobb says, highlight their functionality. On-the-go end-users want products that are easy to use and fulfill their needs before and after reaching their destination. Look no further for products that deliver.

Tee Off This Season With Athletic Attire

WHEN IT COMES TO GOLF APPAREL, the best way to discover what’s trending is to go straight to the source. Jeff Nero, sales representative from Tri-Mountain, advises decorators and distributor salespeople to “turn on the TV and spend time watching a PGA tournament. See what the top pros are wearing, and get ideas on the fashion and styles they’re wearing on the golf course.”

Golf apparel buyers, according to Nero, look for trending colors and designs, as well as modern fabrics and fits. “It’s a smart move to take advantage of the millions of dollars spent in research and development by top apparel companies like NikeAdidas and others,” he notes.